JungleDisk 2.x on Windows 7: xDriveMapFailed (49)

If you run JungleDisk 2.x on Windows 7, the local drive letter mounting will likely fail with an xDriveMapFailed (49) error. The fix is fairly easy to apply (but fairly tricky to figure out, hence this post).

Step 1: Enable the WebClient service.

The simplest way to do this is to locate the WebClient service in the Services list. Mine was set to Manual start and was disabled. If you prefer command lines, just run net start WebClient.

If you retry disk mapping at this stage, you'll still get the xDriveMapFailed (49) error, albeit with a different message.

Step 2: Fix local.jungledisk.com.

Version 2 of JungleDisk relied on local.jungledisk.com resolving to, also known as localhost. This name no longer resolves. To fix this, edit the file at %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (where %WINDIR% typically stands for C:\Windows), adding the following line:            local.jungledisk.com

Retry the drive mapping again and this time it should succeed!

I suspect that this might also work on Windows XP if you add localxp.jungledisk.com to the hosts file instead. I haven't tested that.

Why not just use JungleDisk 3.x?

I have a CentOS server configured to back up to Amazon S3 using JungleDisk. I was never able to get JungleDisk 3.x to run properly on this server, so it's stuck on the last 2.x build. There isn't much incentive to upgrade anyway, since Vaults aren't supported in the command-line version. Moreover, there's a good reason to stay on 2.x: the latest version no longer shows the ~VersionArchive directory, which I need to keep track of space usage. To browse these backups conveniently, I need to run JungleDisk 2.x on Windows 7. Hence this post.