Questions and Answers

My icons are mirrored!

That's right, WoT mirrors the icons by default. You have two choices: either create appropriate icons (this means no text), or use a mod that works around this. There is a dedicated mod for this. Also, XVM is a good choice, and can either turn off the mirroring completely, or let you use one set of icons for the left side and another set for the right side.

There's a tank tier overlay on my icons!

Open the game settings. The checkbox that disables this is on the first tab.

How can I restore the original icons?

Select the "[original]" icon style from the styles drop-down, then click "Save".

How do I save my changes?

You don't need to; all changes are saved immediately. This means that if you wish to make experimental changes, it might be a good idea to duplicate the style first. You can also export a style to a file. Note that this point refers to how you configure the layers/effects; the actual in-game icons are only updated when you click the "Save" button.

Where are my settings saved?

By default they're saved in your roaming user profile in the "TankIconMaker2" directory. For the standard Windows 7 install, the path is something like "C:\Users\your-name\AppData\Roaming\TankIconMaker2". You can, however, configure Tank Icon Maker to store its settings in the same directory where it resides; see the next question.

How can I create a portable installation?

By creating a file named "TankIconMaker2.IsPortable.txt" in the EXE directory. It doesn't matter what's inside the file. You might also wish to copy your existing settings from "C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\TankIconMaker2\TankIconMaker2.Settings.xml" into the program directory.

Can I see the full list of game data in the Tank Icon Maker CSV format?

Yes; every time the properties are loaded from the game client, TIM creates CSV files that would have the same effect. These CSV files are stored under "C:\path\to\tim\Data\Exported". Among other things, you can get the list of all tank identifiers from here.

How do I override the basic properties (tier, nation, class, availability)?

How do I override the additional properties?

How do I create my own property from scratch?

What are "centerable" icons?

They are icons which have the same amount of transparent space to the left and to the right of the visible image. Non-centerable icons are always of a fixed width, while centerable icons are cropped if there is too much transparent space on the right. Thus any mod (such as XVM) which centers the icons by width can display them properly centered.

Can I code my own, fully custom layer or effect in C#, or take a peek at the source code?

Sure! In fact, if you are a developer I implore you to actually give this a go. Tank Icon Maker is fairly limited in what can be done using the layers/effects alone, and your best bet is to just write whatever you want directly in C#. Links to the source code are available here.